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Age groups
Pre-school (4-6)
Primary school (5-9)
From the age of 10
Topics - Our lives
people, countries, nationalities
me, my family & my friends
everyday life, daily routine, my week
getting dressed
holidays and traditions, history
body, health and sport
nature & environment
seasons & months
in town (buildings, transport)
going on holiday
my home (flat, house, garden)
media & technology
the alphabet
Grammar, spelling, lexical structures (Linguistic structures in action)
numbers and counting, measures
modal verbs, modal expressions
genitive constructions
instrumental constructions
locative and prepositional cases
plural of nouns
compound sentences and conjunctions
the verb and its complements
lexical fields and typical collocations
phrases and idioms
tenses and verbal aspect / regular actions
word formation
adverbial expressions of time, frequency, place and direction
passive voice and impersonal structures
comparison of adjectives and adverbs
question words
possessive and demonstrative pronouns
register (using formal and informal means of expression)
spelling & the alphabet
Language functions (learning how to act with language)
addressing people in formal and informal situations
describing (a course of) actions
describing the way
describing people and animals
describing features of objects
Missing translation (category:etwas identifizieren, benennen, disp:EN)
introducing oneself/other people and asking questions about people
spelling one\'s name
expressing emotions (liking, disappointment, indifference, …)
expressing one\'s state of health
positive, negative evaluations
requesting, asking to do sth
asking for the time and date
making an offer, a proposal
confirming and rejecting, neglecting
expressing wishes, congratulations
confirming and rejecting, neglecting
giving and following cooking instructions
justifying, arguing, giving (dis)advantages
salutations and concluding formulas in letter
distinguishing sounds
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